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Re: Any other families doing this?

I wish our families would respect this. We have reqested for several years now to stop the gift exchanges. They won't stop gifting and we feel so awkward and uncomfortable not gifting them.

DH just has his mother and brother - his brother tells us every year not to buy him anything. I think he really is ok with that. He still gifts us and DS, it makes me so uncomfortable though to not swap.

His mom - we get her a giftcard somewhere usually. There is nothing she wants/needs, so we get giftcards to places she likes to eat out.

My family we ONLY buy for immediate family. I have a HUGE extended family on both my moms and dads sides, and we see many of them regularly. My mom, dad, and usually my brother and his son are who we have bought for in years past. My brother is like the PP's sisters - not married, only has his son a few nights a month and usually pawns him off on my mom/dad/me so he is very selfish about gifts. He never asks what we might be interested in, buys stupid stuff (last yr he was all excited because he got us a "huge box." Um ok? It had TP and paper towels in it (supposed to be a funny joke I guess), meanwhile we spent a good chunk of $$ on him). This yr after some really crappy stuff he said to me, I doubt we'll even see him and we aren't buying a darn thing for him. I asked him over a month ago if we could skip the gift swap between us and him this yr and he said do whatever you want.

I'm sick of the constant gift swaps. It's too expensive, too many people in my family are ungrateful (my mom is the only one is acts grateful) and I'm just over it. We basically just bought for DS this yr and small things for the others.
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