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Re: What Age did you child start daycare?

DD went to daycare at around 19 months and was pulled out at 24 months. She was not happy at all, but she was very clingy due to some medical stuff and did not adjust well. She was like that as an infant as well so I really don't think her age would have mattered that young. Her adjustment issues were only part of the reason we pulled her- we were going to be moving, she ended up having her first allergic reaction at daycare, then after the reaction her provider refused to keep her epi-pen and we couldn't find anywhere willing to take the epi that had space so we pulled her. She went to pre-k last year at 4 (6 hours a week) and loved it. She is loving full day kindy this year. She was not ready to go into care until last year- luckily we have that luxury.

DS at 2 is probably ready for care but we don't need it. Up until 2 months ago he was still throwing massive fits if left with Grandma for babysitting, but did stop after a few minutes. These days he is much better about it and today he stayed with the receptionist at the doctor's office while I had an appointment. He was fine the whole time. We will probably put him into preschool earlier the dd since he is more ?? not sure what to call it. We've been looking into drop off care for him so I can do more with dd's school since he seems so much more comfortable than dd ever was.
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