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My son will be 16 months old on the 15th and I am having the hardest time getting him to eat. He still uses a bottle and also will not take a sippy cup. He doesn't even like baby food. The only things he will regularly eat are cheerios, gerber puffs, gerber yogurt bites, and crackers.

I try to offer him different things multiple times a day but 99% of the time he refuses to eat. He will hold his lips closed tightly and shake this head and push the food away. I have tried feeding him with a spoon, with my fingers and letting him self feed but nothing seems to be working. Occasionally I will find something he will eat, like rice, and he will do wonderfully once then the next time I offer that same food he will refuse it.

He does has reflux, but takes zantac twice daily for that. He has been going to feeding studies with a speech therapist and a nutritionist. The nutritionist has been having us give him pediasure with his milk just to make sure he is getting some nutrition in him.

Anyone have any tips on helping get him off the bottle and eating real food?
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