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Re: 17 Month Old DS Climbing Out of Crib- What to do?

My DD started climbing out of her crib at 8 months, I wish I could have found some way to convince her to stay in the darn thing. OMG, it was scary as heck for me.

We just decided to let her sleep with us until we can get her to sleep in a toddler bed. She's almost 13 months now, I think she'll be sleeping with us for awhile longer.

Sounds like it's time for a toddler bed or a mattress in the floor and some heavy-duty baby-proofing. My DS would lay down and stay in bed at that age - we didn't officially get him a big bed until he was 2, but when we were traveling or visiting family it wasn't a huge deal to get him to sleep in an open bed.

Good luck!
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