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Re: Toddler running from you?

My DD is only 19 months and has been doing this since she learned to walk. The "stay close to momma or you will go in the cart/timeout/whatever" talks do nothing at this point. She is also very attached to me, but apparently that makes zero difference when she sees a dog/shiny car/store Christmas tree display/bird/whatever.

At this point we just don't give her the opportunity. We start every outing where it would be dangerous for her to run away (basically every public place other than the park) in the stroller or cart, or being held. Nice to see others have gone through this and have well-behaved older toddlers I feel like outings will be 1000x more fun and easier when she is able to hold my hand and stay nearby. She doesn't particularly like being in the stroller or cart for long periods of time, so it makes some outings difficult. A lot of the time she stays home with DH while I run errands.
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