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Re: What Age did you child start daycare?

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
DD1 starting going to my SIL at 9 months, daycare itself at 1 year, no issues. DD2 started daycare at 6 months. She doesn't transition easily and takes awhile to warm up, but once she adjusts she does fine. Baby #3 will start between 5-6 months as well.
mibarra, Do you remember about how long it took her to adjust?

Thanks everyone for your input! Honestly just writing it all out was very helpful for me. 6-9 month time frame seems more realistic now that when I husband suggested it. Not sure who we can get for a nanny when we just want 4-6 months but we can cross that bridge later.

I actually approach it in the sense of cloth diapers. "I have to know when we are planning on starting daycare to plan which diapers to buy !"

I do LOVE our daycare I wish everyone had this "third" style of daycare to choose from besides just standard center and home. We really feel like we are lucky to have the best of both worlds.

It's nice that he is not being moved up to another classroom every 6-12 months, or starting in one room in the morning, moving to the main classroom, then moved again when they consolidate kids in the afternoon - ug. It's nice that he has older kids to learn from and younger kids to teach around him all the time. But we also like that there are always at least 2 adults there, that they are in a space that is meant for groups of children, and honestly that the other kids there aren't their teachers parents, because I don't know what kind of favoritism would occur.

When we were looking at daycares the first time we did look at home daycares. The one we liked the person the best, she was very organized but her home was small and packed with stuff. Then no food was allowed in because on child had allergies and her other child (about my sons age) had delays. At the time she only had one part time child.

Another home daycare we looked at we loved the space, it was house huge and very open. It was a great space for a daycare. But it was not organized, i believe it would truly be a daycare where kids just run around all day, not much with any kind of planned learning activities. She had like 4 or 5 kids, one with special needs ALL of them we a few years older than my son and they ALL seemed fast moving and crazy. It sounded like she didn't even really know if/when the kids she watch was going to get dropped off on any particular day, they just show up. I felt like he would pick up bad habits there.

So yeah Green Sprouts!
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