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Re: What Age did you child start daycare?

I really think that your issues OP were partially due to the age and partially the inconsistency with sounds like there were several situations as you tried to find something that worked and several times when your child had multiple caregivers. I understand you were doing what worked at the time but all that shuffling around made another transition harder. Its possible that your child just wasnt a good fit for the original daycare but its also possible that the daycare was just fine but it just wasnt the best fit. I wouldn necessarily think the second daycare was better just because your child stopped crying at drop off although that can be a good indicator. I always suggest that moms ask the provider/teacher to text a picture when their child stops crying. you can see for yourself how long it took for them to calm down. i have some kids that cry at dropoff here and stop crying when the front door closes....then i whip the door open and show mom that baby stopped withing a few seconds. or i text a picture in a few minutes when kiddo calms down. some kids could be dropped off at disney land and still cry....its not about the place, just the transition that is hard at some ages for some kids.
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