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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Errrrmmm... OOH, I aim to provide stellar customer service in my online business, and this was not that. I can understand being miffed.

But I... How do I put this? There was a lot of emphasis on how you deserved (effusive?) gratitude for simply doing the right thing. I mean, not just deserved it (which I'm not saying you didn't!), but to the point where, since you didn't receive said gratitude, you will never shop with them again-- so, really deserved it, I guess. I guess I'm a little put-off by the "I COULD have been totally dishonest, but I wasn't" part, YKWIM?

That said, per above, it certainly wasn't "above and beyond" customer service, and they did miss a great opportunity to make you an even more loyal customer. And of course, you're welcome to shop or not shop anywhere you like.
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