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Anyone else find suedecloth better for rashes?

DD#2 is 9 months old and has fairly sensitive skin. Switching to disposables on a trip can cause a diaper rash (and sometimes I can't pinpoint why - after the first time I switched to Seventh Generation diapers, and the rash cleared up, but then the next time I used them, she got one again). I've been noticing that she's been itchier and redder lately, and I've determined that my diapers (equal parts RSD AIOs, Thirsties Duo AIOs, Simplex, and Diaper Rite pockets) bother her in that order from worst to best. The inexpensive suedecloth DR pockets generally don't create a rash at all. The athletic wicking jersey in the RSDs make her break out (sigh). I think the Thirsties just make her sweatier, and the Simplex make her moister (even though I use the "stay dry" side).

Has anyone else experienced less rash with suedecloth? I'm thinking I'm going to need to go back to being a pocket girl like I was with DD#1. I got so sick of matching up all the different inserts, especially when I had two in diapers, but if I have just one kind of insert and pocket, I don't mind. And I can definitely sell the RSD and Thirsties for more than the cost of stocking up on new DR pockets.

I'm also going to try a gentler detergent (currently using Ultra Tide HE) because both my girls have sensitive skin and my 3 year old has been getting eczema but there's definitely a big difference between material types.
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