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I need some suggestions - we are leaking at almost every change

I am about ready to quit...
I "simplified" my stash when #4 was an infant to all pockets with AMP bamboo inserts. I need to figure out better inserts all three kids are leaking in under 2 hours - it isn't repelling - the inserts are SOAKED. I'm having a bit of luck with double stuffing (one insert trifolded with one folded in half wraped around it giving me 5 layers) BUT the diapers are huge and still leaking sometimes. I won't even attempt a night or outing in cloth because we can't even sort out being at home. My youngest even leaks out of a sposie at night - super heavy, heavy wetter. I am not interested in buying a new stash - this is what I got and I need to work with it or give up. BTDT with the massive stash of pricey fitteds and wool. I gave away all my covers, donated my wool and sold the fitteds - I can't afford to start a new stash. Is there a cheap doubler, a prefold or something that will absorb more then my bamboo inserts or that is thin and can be used with them? I would need like 20 - 30 of them so they need to be cheap. To make matters more fun I am having wash routine issues too - bought a new machine and can't figure out the stinkies so multi-layered inserts and microfiber are for sure no goes right now. Any suggestions are appreciated. I am using more and more sposies and at this point am seriously considering quitting because I just don't have the time to sort out a solution.
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