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Re: Best NB diapers that wont break the bank !

I have heard of a lot of mamas using a newborn rental program for that first stretch and then just starting in with smalls or one size options after the babes are out of the newbie phase. Everything I have read about those experiences have been positive and they seem fairly inexpensive. This seems like a great option to me if you want a newborn fit but don't want to mess with the buying and selling of sizing up.

Additionally, I have heard lots of mamas say that the resale on newborn dipes is very high - that you can buy some vguc on fsot and then resell and not have lost TONS of money. I guess this is true even if you buy the "more expensive" options.

With our last baby, we just did a 2 size option though and skipped the newborn phase. It was a little bulkier at first, but it didn't bother me. I didn't wanna mess with sizing up (I don't like restashing). And, at the time, I didn't know about newborn rental programs.

This time, we are just starting with our one size pockets and will use them all the way through.

So, I know that isn't what you asked, I was just letting you know that a lot of mamas skip the newborn diapers and just deal with the extra bulk. And a lot of mamas hate that
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