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Re: Sharing your food with the kids

I almost always feed them lunch and breakfast before I eat or my food is cold and has to wait anyway because I'm too busy helping them to eat it. They always want some of what I have if it is different than theirs.

We are like you. I don't usually share, my husband usually does. Though, he is starting not to. I won't share with my kids because I have 5 small kids (6, but one is only 7wks). If I share with one, they all want some. Then, I end up with nothing left. This is what my husband is learning too.

The other reason I am extra strict about it now is because our family is very prone to strep throat in the last couple of years. I always seem to get it with the kids. So, I try to avoid sharing germs as much as possible, especially during the winter, but we get it in the summer too so even then.

ETA - We eat dinner as a family most nights. If I feed the kids separate from us, we eat after they go to bed so we can eat in peace. It's like our date night.
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