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Re: Talk to me about Antsy Pants

Originally Posted by Pixi6s View Post

Not sure what you are looking for? There are other trainer options out there though they are generally OS fits most. I found them all 2 small for my average 2.5yo old.
Ha! I'm not really either! But I know my kid is not anywhere near pee pee trained, but is starting to understand poop. He also poops at 7:30am like clockwork, so I'd like to get to a point soon where I can "catch" it in the potty. So, that would eliminate (ha!) the need for a diaper that is poop appropriate, but would still need to be absorbent for pee. I'm also finding toddler pants are not cut for cloth, and going up a size is way too big.

What I really need is a cloth diaper we can pull down for poop on the potty time, then be relatively absorbent for pee (his output is not significant), and then maybe transition to a trainer early on in potty training, before we are brave enough to move to briefs.

(I currently am using Thisties Duo diapers and GroVia AI2s with the organic cotton inserts. Both are awesome and fit well, and fit under his clothes well. They just don't pull up/down.)
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