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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon
I have also seen a 180* shift in daytime behavior with my DS. The sleep deprivation was really effecting his daytime behavior and our family in general. Unless you've had a child with sleep GENUINE sleep disturbances - and those caused by Nuerodevelopmental issues - you really cannot appreciate the significance/importance of having something low risk like melatonin. Yes, there ARE risks associated with the abuse of melatonin (like any other supplement). But the testing has been done on its use with children with Nuerodevelopmental challenges and the benefits have been demonstrated to outweigh the risks for those children.
This is us also. My son was a complete nightmare to deal with at home and at school. We don't watch tv dieting the week both boys take a bath with lavender eo in it and then read or play with animals in bed for about 20 minutes before lights out. Even with the schedule he couldn't sleep and I couldn't stand his behavior. I called his pedi told him what we were doing and he suggested we try it for a month and see how things went. They aren't perfect, but I don't mind spending the whole day with him anymore and he is not at risk of being kicked out of school anymore. I don't believe in labeling children unnecessarily but he is probably ADHD and definitely has sensory processing issues (I'm an OT) this has saved our relationship because he isn't constantly in trouble now.
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