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Visits w/ bios on holidays for foster kids?

I have a foster son who has been with us for a little over two months. He's almost three. His mom had a visit on Thanksgiving day, which meant he had to go to respite for four nights since we would not be in town. We will be around for Christmas and I'm being told he will have a visit on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Obviously, social workers are not working on these days, so I'd either have to let biomom pick him up at my house, which will not happen since her boyfriend is violent (and I'm sure she'd tell him where we live- why wouldn't she?) OR I have to meet her somewhere in town to drop him off and pick him up on both days.

I don't feel that having to leave my family twice on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is OK for DSS to ask me to do. If I say I won't do it, they'll put him in respite care again.

I've never had a foster child that has had visits on holidays and am confused as to why this mom is getting them. Does anyone else get asked to do this?
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