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Re: Some info for autism newbies

Originally Posted by Aub's View Post
I am a newbie with this, we have applied for SSI but what is a regional center? I feel stupid for asking but I would love to know.
Your local regional center is an organization that will coordinate your child's services. They also give you info on other resources in the community. Regional centers will help you receive services your health insurance and school district don't cover. Our treatment coordinator from our regional center also comes to our iep meetings to ensure we get adequate services for our DS in school. Right now our regional center is helping us get respite care, behavioral therapy, and speech therapy. You can look up your regional center via google. Basically all the help that is available to you, the regional center will help you apply for. And they sometimes pay for your copays when you can't cover them.

I need to put ll this info in the sticky, but I've been busy.

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