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Re: Anyone else have a hard time getting ssn for baby?

We had this EXACT problem. With our younger set of twins, somehow they had no record of one of them being applied for, only one of the two. Anyway, I brought everything I owned for him including him and went to the office. I was able get it applied for that day. But, I suggest you go onto their site to see what forms of ID are acceptable. I found out that an ins card is NOT acceptable. I don't know who told you that, but they are wrong. If you use an immunization record, it has to be an original signed by the dr. Oh wait, we didn't have a birth certificate yet. I think that may have been why the ins card wasn't good. But, I would call and get very specific about what you need. Then, I'd call again to confirm. I live in a small town. So, my wait wasn't as long, but you don't want to have to wait again.

At any rate, I would check and double check exactly what you need. It was SUCH a pain in the back side. I was really frustrated that the hospital dropped the ball on getting this done for us. The SSN lady was pretty annoyed at our hospital too. Ugh!!

Oh and yes, I totally hear what you are saying about what if you didn't have thus and such. I understand their need to make sure, but it could be next to impossible. *sigh*

ETA - I used the proof of birth letter from the hospital. For some reason, that was like gold. Even the lady didn't understand why her system was so happy with that.
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