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Originally Posted by s@hmommy

If it makes you feel any better,I use to were really fitted clothes and that's why everyone could tell around 12 weeks. If I had wanted to hide the belly I probably could have until 18ish weeks, that is when I ballooned out big time. I want to hid it until 16 weeks this time but am starting to think it won't happen. I am super bloated now and at the end of the day I do have a little belly. I feel like i am going to be a whale this time.
Yeah, I'm 5'2" and fairly thin plus most of my clothes are fitted. The bloat already looks awful. I find myself reaching for the same sweaters and sweatshirts over and over this past week or do b/c I just look fat. I'm a few lbs over my prepregnancy weight (I lost it all but recently stacked a few on) so that doesn't help either. I'm worried that I'll blimp out too :-(

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