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Originally Posted by FindingMercy

Hugs mama. I would look into therapy and such right away.

Whenever I see lists for symptoms of attachment disorder I worry about my oldest DD. she fits everything there except she is willing to play independently. Is it possible for a bio child who has been raised by mom and dad since birth to have some degree of attachment disorder issues???
Im sure its possible but if the child has had a pretty "normal" childhood its probably unlikely. Ive always worried about this with my dd since she spent the first month of her life in the nicu and i did not bond right away with her. I think its hard for her because as a special needs child shes been put through painful or uncomfortable experiences with me right there forcing it on her (testing, blood draws, intense feeding clinic sessions etc) so in a kid that might be sensitive or emotional just as a personality trait, having a parent force them to do painful things might be as harmful as actual physical abuse. Does an infant/toddler know the difference? I hope so. Some of those thing really hit hime for my dd but some are way off. Im sure most kids do some of those things at some point in their childhood.
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