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Is it worth it?

My dd will be 12 months on the 26th. She was EBF for 6 months, then started BLW. Since about 8-9 months she has really figured out solids on her own and loves to eat. Up to 10 months she would drink 4 3oz bottles while I work (3 days a week). Since then she has gone down to 3 3oz bottles and lots of times she doesn't always want the bottles- she'll drink them but not with vigor like she always did when younger.

I have never pumped what she eats while at work- usually short 1 full bottle.

I have been taking fenugreek and blessed thristle for 3 months. Added goats rue this past month and domeperidone about 2 weeks ago. I am going to be out of all but domeperidone today and am just wondering if it is worth it to get more. (Going to get more milk plus if I do since has all in 1 pill). They are expensive and don't seem to do much. I maybe get 1 more oz a day when at work. At home I have been pumping first thing in morning and after each nap (so 3 times a day after she nurses) and only get 1 oz each time. It's stressful to do this as home alone with dd and she screams from crib whole time (she's very high needs).

I am just not sure its worth it to keep supplementing at this point as it doesn't help enough to me. I have probably 3 weeks domperidone left that I would finish (and wean off slowly before gone). Anyone have thoughts? I figure after 12 months I would introduce almond or coconut milk and she could have that either as 1 bottle or mixed in. I would still pump at work but wouldn't need to stress so much about not making what she drinks. I am also thinking of dropping her bottles to 2.5 ounces. I think I would stress so much less about it if we went this route and wouldn't be stressing out over spending so much money on supplements. She nurses lots when I get home from work and we co-sleep and I do think she does a good amount of reverse cycling anyway. I plan to let her wean herself whenever ready- hope to make it to 2 years or longer.

Thanks for any thoughts mamas!
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