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Re: Urgent! How to baby wear after abdominal surgery!??

After the first week I was able to wear the ergo strapped low on my hips and it didn't hit the incision site. However, I am someone who lifted to much to soon and caused other complications so please be very careful. You might be better off to have a cleaning service come during week two so you can just rest and not have much to do. Stock up on paper plates and cups, and put some freezer meals in the freezer before so that you don't have to do much and can just rest and play with LO.

ETA: Crockpot freezer meals would also be a good idea because then you just take 5 min. putting them in the pot in the AM and dinner is ready in the evening and you've had all day to rest and play with LO. Oh, and if you use a crockpot liner you won't even have a pot to wash. As for getting laundry done, have dh throw it in before leaving for work, change over when he gets home and you can fold either during nap or after LO goes to bed, that way you only have one little job a day rather than a whole bunch getting piled up. I've been through 4 surgeries in the last 5 years and I've gotten pretty good at arranging everything to be easy for me during recovery because I did some stupid stuff during my first two.
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