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Originally Posted by Agla

I will not be locking my liquor cabinet. Our hope is that as we model responsible consumption and have frequent conversations with our children they will see it as something that can be enjoyed in moderation and not something to suck down just to get trashed. Locking it to me seems to make it taboo and secretive and somehow more attractive.
Couldn't agree more. My DH grew up in a family where his parents let him have a beer in high school and they were only allowed to have it at their house. Him nor his brother are into drinking really. As for me, I wasn't even allowed a taste and that made me want it more. So of course in high school I drank. Once I turned 21 and it wasn't so taboo, I don't hardly drink.

Op, that's a tough situation you are in. If you feel the children are in danger I would definitely talk to your friend. I agree with others, if there is no one around to take care of your kids you should not be getting intoxicated. There should always be someone there who is sober. And getting drunk every weekend around your kids is not okay. It's one thing of you are having 2-3 drinks (if that) to feel relaxed, but to be drinking 8-10 drinks of hard liquor is another.
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