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Re: Best seat placement for RF & FF in 2012 Odyssey

Originally Posted by barnone View Post
Thanks for the blog info. That review was awesome! I'll definitely put my 5yo in the center. But just curious, why did you decide to put the RF seat on the passenger side? I was thinking putting it on the driver side would be easiest.
In my Honda Pilot the only way to access the 3rd row is if we have the kids in the center and behind driver (60-portion of the split). DH is 6'3" and large, so the seat behind the driver makes it impossible to for him to drive comfortably. In the van, we can access the third row from whichever side the kids aren't on. So if we want the driver to come back as far as possible, the best chance of that is to put the child on the passenger side with access to the third row behind the driver.
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