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Re: TTC 30+ 12/7-12/21

Originally Posted by Layney82 View Post
It sure is quiet here. I hope that means everyone is having a lovely weekend. Anybody testing this week?

I'm at CD21, just waiting for AF so that we can start TTC. I also think that DS (33 months) is finally potty trained. We've been working on it for a couple weeks now and it's finally clicking with him. That just makes me want a new little baby that much more, though I'm thrilled to not be dealing with diapers anymore.
Y'know, I thought this would be me...but I kind of dread going back to diaper laundry I am reveling in my water bill being cut by 1/3 (not that it was high before, but still...) & my gas & electric being under $125/mo for the last few months b/c I'm not doing nearly as much laundry But I did see a little guy at the mall play area yesterday w/ his adorable knit longies & big ole CD butt, & had a teeny pang of nostalgia...they can be a PITA, but CDs are so darn cute!

Good luck to everyone who's testing soon!

AFM--AF should be here Saturday-ish & I'm hoping that scheduling works to do the IVF this month. DD switched from the devil-sitter to the center around the corner from us. DP & I like it so far, DD hates it I never had a hard time leaving DD w/ someone to go to work until the last few mos (she's 33 mos now), but it's killing me. DP is just getting done her admin. certificate, so she's looking at jobs; I wouldn't be terribly sad if I had to leave my job & relocate, but getting the house sale-ready would be a nightmare.
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