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Originally Posted by tallanvor
I've never really counted. And it varies somewhat. They usually get gifts from family, so each will get 5, plus whatever my parents buy (mine were the only grandkids for a long time, so got a decent amount), plus whatever we buy.

We really have never focused on a certain number. And actually, I make sure we have gifts for family and then I look at the budget for us. Last year we really only got each child one thing, but they were large items (dollhouse, very large Lego set, and an iPod Touch). Several gifts that the kids open are for the whole family, not just them. We are big on games, so we almost always have at least 2 games for the family under the tree.

This year we're just getting them each one thing (might make it two and have one be a book, as they all love to read), plus stocking stuffers (they get food and one, maybe two little things in their stockings). I talked to my mom about not going overboard, either, so she bought them a telescope to share, plus a smaller something for each. I love to see the big pile of gifts under the tree, but the kids are losing touch with what Christmas is really about.
My parents used to buy my sister and I joint gifts and it always worked out well. We were only two years apart so we played together anyway and you really don't need two Barbie houses and big stuff like that. This year my son has gone from being the only grandchild to being the oldest of three. My sister and I both had babies this year five weeks apart. My patents usually get my son a lot which kind of makes up for us not doing a lot but this year they said they're not doing Christmas. My sister had moved back in and they're supporting her and her new baby plus her fiance who makes more than my its kind of a disaster. I hope my dad gets him something at least. Lately they tend to make big promises and not follow through. I on the other hand tell my son openly that he can have x amount of toys from mommy and daddy and Santa will bring him a special one because good little boys aren't selfish. For my son it's more important to him that he gets the one toy that he wants than a lit of toys I think. LO I's only 3 months so she really doesn't know the difference. It's just nice to have things for baby's first Christmas.
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