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Originally Posted by firstimemommy44 View Post
I would give him one chance to walk, holding into the cart unless you ask him to grab something. Involve him in the shopping. But if he runs off etc he goes right in the cart no questions asked no negotiation and has to stay there until you're done.
This is what I did with my girls. They got 1 chance to walk. I would ask if.they wanted to walk or ride. If they said walk I went over the rules and let them try to behave. If they wondered off they went into the cart. I never left the store b/c that would give them exactly what they wanted and I refuse to waste gas and my time b/c they wouldnt follow the rules. I would make sure they were rested, would take a snack, and get them involved. Just dropping things in the basket satisfied them but I have seen moms with binders of pic of the items they were looking for and have the kid help look then mark off the item.
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