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Re: Wish us luck!

Originally Posted by breast4my3 View Post
crank up the heat in the house, put on a t-shirt that doesn't cover his manliness, pull the potty into the living room or play room (wherever you guys spend the most time) and try the naked bottom method. My kids trained this way easily. I tried this a couple of months ago with my now 21 month old, but he's not quite ready and he's afraid of the seat that sits on the toilet, so I need to go get him a potty seat instead and try again.
Good Luck mama!! and he may decide he'd rather go back in diapers for a little while... and that's ok too.
All summer he went no diaper/no bottoms and used the potty all the time. But as soon as pants or undies go on, he pees them. So we did go back into diapers for a little while...a few more months.

Now he's at the point where he fights me at every change -- both putting on AND taking off. It's ridiculous. The boy knows how to use the potty, and since he's being such a pain about diaper changes he can use the potty or pee all his clothes

I was actually happy to make him fleece trifolding covers since he needs to size up, but fights over every.single.diaper.change...changed my mind It's less mentally exhausting to clean up the floor with the shop vac.
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