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Re: Tantrums in the grocery store

just want to say that while the suggestions above are great and I hope you can try them - you're doing a great job. You're being consistent, you're not giving in.... etc.

don't let daddy let him out of the cart because now he knows it's an option.

I don't judge the moms in stores with screaming kids. I feel bad for them, I say a silent prayer for them.. but I understand. People understand.

I personally wouldn't bribe, but that's just me. When she was younger, I'd let her have a squeezy fruit or something, but now that she's 26months, I don't bribe. I do give lots of positive reinforcement when she's being good, I let her hold things, she clicks my pin, etc.

I like the sheets of food that they can cross off for you. If you get photos and laminate the 'list', then they can really feel helpful. Like a bunch of fruit on a page, etc. Doesn't even really need to be things you're about to buy - just needs to be things they can 'find', like an 'i spy' game.
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