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Re: Hot cocoa

I don't use a recipe, but here is my method:

1 4 oz. bar of semi-sweet or dark chocolate (I use a Ghiradelli baking bar)
4 TB sugar
2 quarts (8 cups) whole milk

In a double boiler, melt chocolate. When the chocolate is melted, place pot with chocolate directly on the heat source, and add 4 TB sugar (you can adjust it to your preference). Using a whisk, very slowly add milk to the chocolate/sugar mix, making a thick syrup. If you add milk too quickly, the mixture will become lumpy, and the lumps are very hard to whisk out. Once you have reached a nice, smooth syrup, begin adding the milk more quickly, whisking continually. Add 2 quarts of milk total, and heat to your desired temperature.

It sounds complicated, but it really goes very quickly. My children love this hot chocolate, and will almost every.single.time, pass up anything else for this. It makes a very rich, creamy hot chocolate, esp. when I use heavy cream for part of the milk.

Sometimes I add a couple of teaspoons of mint extract, vanilla, or place peppermint candy (or candy canes) in the cup.

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