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Re: Tantrums in the grocery store

This sounds weird, but I wait until later at night and go. We go as a family so DH helps, but if you go around 830-9 on a Sunday night the stores are just about empty. Ours are 4.5 and 21mo. We let the kids down, they can run around and yell at they aren't bothering anyone. I will let them put things in the cart, switching off which one puts stuff in. It keeps them from grabbing things if they can help. And when they don't have anything to put in, DD helps push the cart with the baby in it, and DS pushes the smaller cart with groceries.

If we go earlier in the day, I put DD in the cart and I hand her things to let her put in the cart. And we sing and dance. I just try to hurry and get out as quickly as possible.
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