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Originally Posted by boysniris
I turned up the heat and let him go w/o undies/pants. I'll do that the next couple days, just to refresh his memory LOL.

5 mins of Angry Birds as a bribe is working WELL

We faced a problem when leaving the house. I don't have anything that's not a diaper that could last (the trainers I made him are only okay for a little pee, and they are really too small since I made them for him over 6 months fit at that time). So I put a diaper on him

Definitely going to make him more trainers -- I'm using the Trimsies pattern but putting fleece cuffs at the legs/waist. And I will sew them with a pocket so I can stuff in extra absorbency if needed.
Why not pack extra clothes and a wet bag? DD actually had a big breakthrough moment with PTing in public..... I refused to put her in diapers again and so when we left the house I put the piddle pad and a prefold under her in the car seat and ALWAYS had at least 2-3 pairs of clean undies and pants, the first time she asked to use the potty, instead of me seeing her signals and taking her, was at a Five Guys burgers

I also was not above having her help me clean up the mess, because it belonged in the potty, not on the floor, and when she spills something else that doesn't belong on the floor, she has to help me clean that up too!

I hope angry birds works for you!! That's awesome because it is so portable!
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