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Re: I need LA suggestions please - we are really struggling!

Have you tried Bob Jones English? They alternate between a grammar lesson and a written lesson. It's full of color which seems to go over here better than a black and white book.

Then, what about Growing with Grammar. That is a nice and easy program, but I can't remember all about the writing in it. We used this for 3rd grade and my dd loved it.

Something else that is fun is Splashes From the River. You can watch some sample videos right on the site, and I believe YouTube might have some as well.

From what you are saying, though, with all the obstacles to deal with do you need to push the writing so hard? All children are different and develop at different rates, let alone having other hurdles to master at the same time. I really wouldn't worry so much about it. But, that is just my opinion. I have a 4th/5th grader who is behind in some things and she also has had mountains to conquer.

What I have learned in my 10 years of homeschooling is that children aren't going to excel at every subject. Writing and Grammar may just not be their thing. If they are trying their best, and if their best is a grade 'C' level, then congratulate them on their best. If you know they can do 'A' work and aren't applying themselves, that is when the push comes in.

It's hard to not push. Been there, done that. Each child has to come into their own. Some things take longer, much longer, than others.
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