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Re: I need LA suggestions please - we are really struggling!

I was going to suggest Rod and Staff, but there isn't a lot of writing in it. It is very thorough for grammer, which maybe you need. There is some writing in it, just not a lot. For the writing part, you might look into Institute for Excellence in Writing. It is pricey, but you'd be able to use it with all your kids. It is supposedly the best writing program out there. We have used Writing Strands before, but it seemed disjointed to me. Others have enjoyed it, though, so that is something to consider.

You might try having them just do journal writing for now. Just get them used to writing and then slowly work on different aspects of it. Copywork can be a beneficial tool for learning how to write the structure (capital at the beginning, punctuation, etc).

Until learning disbilities are identified and you know what issues you are dealing with, I would try to not stress about it.
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