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Re: I need LA suggestions please - we are really struggling!

Could you encourage writing through free thinking?

I'm sorry I am not familiar with the special needs you listed, so maybe this will not work at all.

Could you ask them an open ended question and ask them to write the answer to it?

From there, could you just explain what a paragraph is?

I dunno, I am new to HSing. My ODD is far ahead for reading/writing, and she is an audio learner (sorry, I know there is a technical term, can't remember it atm). I have a big white board and we talk about EVERYTHING. I write on the board so she can see it, too.

Could you start by making them copy paragraphs? Or identify paragraphs in books?

I'm sorry, I don't have any curric rec's. Just didn't want to read and not offer something. I hope you find something that works!!
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