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Re: What was your favorite childhood holiday tradition and do you still do it?

Growing up we always looked at christmas lights, either by driving around town or by going to a public display. We still do this. We akso always put up a tree thanksgiving weekend, which I like to try to do, but we have done it before or after as well.

The past couple years making a gingerbread house with my neice and nephew has become a tradition. Its also become a casual tradition to do Christmas eve or day breakfast with my sister and her kids.

Hubbys family also did the tamakes, though it was an aunt that made them so they just ate them, lol. I have no skills in that department but I buy tamales for hubby each Christmas and in a year or two we might try foing them ourselves.

I also try to donate in some way every year, and get my children involved. This year we did toys for tots, went to a charity food drive, and I let my daughter pick out a book to donate from barnes and noble. Just little things they cab understand right now. In a couple years I wouldnlike to do bell ringing with them.
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