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Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)

I'll share our bedroom since it is the nearest to perfection for me.

The white table on the far side of the bed only has a lamp and DH's alarm clock on it. The picture hanging above is a photo I took in a photography class in college. My side table has tissues, alarm clock/iphone dock and the lamp. The top drawer of the table has DH's stuff in it, its far from minimal so I don't even look in there. My drawer has a book, pen/paper, eye mask, lip balm & hand cream.

Ignore the wires, it's military housing and we have to work with what we have outlet wise. The two stools at the foot of the bed are where I sit to put laundry away in my dresser, where DH puts his boots on, etc. The pictures on my dresser are from our honeymoon. Then of course there is the TV, bluray and dvr box. If we ever get a family room/den this stuff would go in there instead. The frame on the wall is a fabric collage I made to tie the gray and yellow colors in the room together. That door goes into our bathroom.

Lastly, that is a clock hanging there on the left, which now that I think about it 3 clocks in one room is kinda silly. I put that one up before I had the clock on my side of the bed b/c DH turns his clock away from his face and then I can't see it. I think I am going to take that down. DH's dresser is in his closet. I don't look in there either. (My closet is is behind the door.) The frame with the numbers are the dates of significant days in our lives (our birthdays, when we started dating, when we got married and when DH joined the military.)

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