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Re: What are your time limit rules for Tablets and gaming systems?

I don't exactly limit time. My 8 year old gets 10 min when he first gets home and then he has to finish his nightly stuff before he can play again or watch tv. He honestly plays about an hour a day but it works for us, no battles and this is his nightly list
1. Gravel dumped out of shoes and shoes where they go
2. Lunch emptied out and set in a specific spot in kitchen
3. 2 pages of math homework
4. Any other homework
5. Miquon math with me (or math games)
6. Spelling
7. Read 2 poems out loud to someone other than just me--usually he calls people
8. Phonics work
9. Read 2-3 books
10. Feed the cat
11. Clean the bathroom
12. Shower ( every other day)
13. Work with his little brother ( he chose to work with him on writing)
14. Make himself a good snack
15. Get clothes ready for next day
16. Pack 1/2 his lunch (I do the main course in the am)
17. Get backpack ready
18. Set his alarm
19. Pick up his toys/trash/dishes
20. Daily writing work

He takes breaks and plays other stuff during the evening. He basically has from 4-8 to get it all done and as long as he's not sleep deprived he gets it done without problem so I don't feel too bad about my no specific time limit
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