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Re: Challenge: Diaper a baby 6-40 lbs under $500

Interesting. I don't sew, so nothing handmade for me.

I'd start with the gmd economy kit- 4 dozen (small) flats, 5 duos in each size, pins, and wipes. That is $231 for unbleached.

For newborn and doublers I'd add 2 dozen orange edge prefolds. $48
And maybe 2 bsww nb? They were my favorites. $25
Plus 2 dappi nylon pullon in every size- $25

I'd add a flip organic daypack, and use those for nights. $60

My DS is just under 40 lb at age 4, and the only cover that fits is a bsww xl (used at night). So maybe 4 of those, if needed for daytime use, $49 for white.

That is $438 for diapers and 2 dozen wipes. Add in 2 multi-packs of snappis (3 size 1, 2 size 2) for $15, a pail liner for $20, and a wet bag for $13, and we're still under $500 including basic accessories.

I think that would work!
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