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Re: Does this seem normal or should I get my child checked out?

I think most of it sounds sort of normal. But, not the waking and screaming from 2:30-6:00 a.m.

Honestly, this sounds more like an uncomfortable child to me. She can't handle normal frustrations because she's not comfortable for some reason. Like if your pants are too tight, or you have a headache that won't go away, it ruins the rest of your day in other areas... maybe she feels like this for her own reasons. Perhaps she's itching, or is having trouble breathing at night. Allergies, anything that could be causing her to feel more frustrated.

She can't plan, if she has a 45 minute tantrum, she can't think about "well, i'm wasting this time now, so I can't go play at friend's house". She's just throwing a fit...and that part is pretty normal.

If you ruin something by putting the M in the wrong place.... the world might as well just explode, because it's all destroyed. You did it wrong, and broke everything. I hope you're happy. In 1994, my ex broke my daughter's egg roll so it would cool off.....BIGGEST. FIT. EVER. I'm pretty sure we are still banned from that restaurant. Never break a two yr old's food. "You can have another egg roll" does not work at that point. Daddy ruined the entire world.
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