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Re: What are your time limit rules for Tablets and gaming systems?

So far we don't have rules about when and how much usage... we just keep an eye on how much electronic usage has been going on and try to keep them from spending too much time with it. Like, last night I watched a long movie with the kids, so today we didn't turn on the tv at all.

One thing that I do, that might be considered a rule, I certainly try to be consistent with it. DS is 5 and unfortunately still has a tantrum sometimes when he doesn't get his way. (couple reasons for that that I won't get into)..... Well, if I tell him "tonight" or "later" or "not right now" and he responds by loosing it completely, he can no longer use whatever it is he wanted for the rest of the day.
Same thing with asking over and over. If I say "after dinner" and all I hear for the next 2 hours is "NOW can I do it, NOW?? now now now??", then we will no longer do whatever it was he wanted to do after dinner.
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