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Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)

I'm in

My favorite area, because I love our old schoolhouse chairs and it's usually only 5 minutes away from clean.

standing behind the table, facing the opposite way (it's all one room), I don't really like this, I'd prefer a cozy seating area, but I'm deathly afraid of fire retardants, so we don't have any factory made couches or mattresses. One day, I hope to reupholster a vintage couch and replace the fire retardant soaked foam (their art table is on the right and my sewing table is on the left):

Their toy area on the other wall:

Their school can become a catch-all.....obviously:


On the open wall in the kitchen, our entry area...could use work :

Our room:

Kid's room (before the bed-making fairy comes...yes, we made up a fairy to make bed-making fun:

Kid's closet (all 3 of their clothes fit in that chest...they each get one bin, plus a communal PJ bin):
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