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Originally Posted by Made of Fleece

I've considered that. She screams more when dad tries to pat her back, and does't listen when I talk. I've learned the best thing to do is physically grab her, wake her and restrain her. I say, "mommy and daddy are here. pink bear and yellow bear are here. we're all sleeping together." I ask if she had a "bad dream" but she doesn't respond, she tries to process the word dream, but I don't think she understands it. Is the "treatment" for night terrors different than that for bad dreams?
Someone may have already answered this: night terrors are different than bad dreams. It's a sleep disturbance that they aren't actually conscious for, and waking them out of it can make it scarier for them bc then they're even more disoriented. The best way to handle night terrors is to be close and hold her if she'll let you or just sit near her and talk soothingly, but don't try to wake her. It sucks. :-(

My DS had them during this same time too. He's 4.5 now and still talks a little in his sleep but hasn't had a terror in over a year.
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