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Re: Does this seem normal or should I get my child checked out?

I forgot to come back and comment on the night terrors. DD had night terrors around 18months for about 2 weeks. I made the mistake of waking her up the first few times before I researched night terrors. I would call DD's name and try to hug her, if she pushed me away, I knew she was still dreaming. I would let her cry it out for about 15 to 20 minutes while I sat right next to her. I swear she woke all our neighbors up every night at 2am for a good 2 weeks. After 15 mintues, DD would like down and ask to nurse like nothing happened. Sometimes, in the middle of the night terror, I could get her to nurse and she would calm down and go right back to sleep.

I also read that if the child has night terrors at preditable times, you could wake them up briefly. I think it worked on DD. By the end of 2 weeks, I was waking up DD and nursing her back to sleep. The house was finally quiet again.
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