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Re: What are your time limit rules for Tablets and gaming systems?

Originally Posted by mama2cntrykids View Post
We don't have tablets, BUT my dd6 has a leapster (original) and as long as the games she's playing are educational, and she has her school/chore work done, I don't really care how much time she spends on it.

That said, she's never spent more than an hour on it, so it hasn't been an issue for us.

We are getting a Kindle Fire HD after we get our tax refund. So the rules might be different, b/c we also have two older boys and a toddler that will want to mess on it, so we'll see.
We have tablets, and this is how it works for us, too.

Honestly, the "new" wears off, and it just becomes another time waster for a lot of kids.

As long as they have all their stuff handled for that day, and they are not in trouble, I don't mind them wasting some time on it. I've never had them be on my tablet so long that I have to pry it from them. Usually, they run away and go play something else so fast that I think "wow, that only bought me 10 minutes of time?! " lol.

I'd imagine as kids get older and more into that type of stuff, it might change.

I would definitely limit the amount of screen time if I felt it was unhealthy.

Maybe you could put it in a special place where it is kept, and allow them one hour each day to do whatever they want on it? That way, it can be used throughout the day as they want, but they only get one hour total on it. Plus then it is a privilege and not something they just can have whenever they want to. KWIM?
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