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Re: Tantrums in the grocery store

Originally Posted by Erinne View Post
Haha, yes, this does exist! It's not common, but sometimes I go out of my way to go to a farther away store just for it, and I'm sure others do too. You are allowed to leave 2-6yo for an hour and they color or play, or watch tv. My dd loves it and I do too.
OMG this sounds fabulous... daydreaming right now...
DD is almost 2 and has been fighting the grocery cart for about 6 mos.

I make sure she has a snack right before we go. I also bring a snack (usually raisins, a big treat for her) in a zippered snack bag. She looooves the zippered bags and they have magical "keep her in the seat" properties.

If she asks *nicely* to get down, she gets ONE SHOT. No more. While down, she generally wants to help push the cart, standing in front of me/between me and the cart KWIM?) This means lots of non-parents don't see her, only see me saying sweetly "Thank you sweetie, you are a big helper, thank you" seemingly to myself

Bringing along a small bag for her to carry, and maybe put something sturdy in (box of crackers, head of cabbage etc) is sometimes fun.

Mostly, I just make sure I have a super specific list which is in order of the aisles, so that I can zip up and down just the ones I need! The shorter the better.
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