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Re: What are your time limit rules for Tablets and gaming systems?

Originally Posted by MamaLump View Post
I haven't read all the posts, but I wouldn't give unlimited reading time. The reason is that it really sets the temptation to lie to you very high. I'm certainly not saying that they will lie, but I'm also a practical enough person that I don't think it's a good idea to set them up with such obvious motivation.
The rule that we have already decided on is that they can only use their tablets in the living room (DS2 has a habit of just dropping stuff wherever he happens to be when he's done with it), so it would be really easy to look over their shoulder every once in a while.

And add to that, I don't have a problem with my 7 yr old lying. HOWEVER, that would TOTALLY be something DS2 would do. LOL

In fact, just today I was in my room nursing DD, DS2 said "Can I play with the markers, L isn't awake." (L is 2 1/2 and draws on walls with the dry erase markers, so the rule is the markers are a supervised item). As he was telling me that L was asleep, L comes running into my room. When I asked DS2 why he lied, he said "Because I want to play with the markers." *sigh*

Anyway... all that to say.. I see your point depending on which child we're talking about.

God bless!
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