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Re: Challenge: Diaper a baby 6-40 lbs under $500

My newborn stash is a dozen GMD orange edge prefolds (seconds), 7 orange edge workhorses, 16 flour sack flats, and 6 Rumparoos covers ($140.00 including shipping). Then my OS stash consists of 16 various Kawaii pockets (these took my son all the way to potty learning at almost 3 yrs old with plenty of growing room left). I spent about $120 including shipping. So my total (actually spent) for cd'ing from birth to potty training is $260! Now, if you want to factor in wet bags & pail, add another $25 (I made my own wet bags). So the highest total, including all diapering supplies would be $285 (this is not estimated, this is what I actually spent).
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