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Re: Toddler Alarm Clock?

We have a MyTot Clock.

It was spendy (like $50...almost purchased from the manufacturer but then didn't complete the sale...a few days later started getting emails that made it cheaper)... but we like it. It can play stories and songs with cartridges but we don't use those features AT ALL. It automatically turns blue when it's bed time and yellow again when it's ok to wake up (and has an option for nap time and "reward" and "time out" which we also don't really use because we don't do time out around here). We got it when DS was about 2. At first he didn't really get it but by 3 he loved it. It especially made bedtimes easier for us ("My clock is Blue!") because then WE weren't the ones imposing bedtime...the clock was. And when he tries to get up and it's not time to get up yet, we just ask him, "Is your clock yellow?" Or sometimes he'll come find us and tell us, "My clock is yellow!" The blue light at night is also bright enough to be a night light (a little too bright for me personally, but DS seems to like it).
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