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dollhouse or American Girl doll for 7 YO?

We were planning on getting DD a dollhouse for Christmas, but yesterday she asked if she could have an American Girl doll instead (it would be a knockoff unless I could find a reasonably priced used one). I'm a little reluctant to get her another doll because she has a Bitty Baby that she hasn't played with much in almost two years. But she also has a very small dollhouse (two rooms) that she doesn't play with much either. She plays with the much larger dollhouse at my parents' house a ton when she's there, so I think she'll play with a dollhouse that's larger and has more furniture more than she plays with her current one. I hope...

Anyway, would you go with a dollhouse or an American Girl type doll for a 7 YO?
The dollhouse we got is a kit that has much thicker wood than the thin balsam wood traditionally used for dollhouses, so it should hold up better to her brothers than a traditional one would.
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