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I only have 1 nights experience with them on one child while I was in college. It ranks as one of the worst nights of my life. I was babysitting a 5yo little boy. I had just fallen asleep when I hear this god awful loud screachy alarm and him crying while bumping into walls. I ran to him-still mostly asleep and at the other end of the hall, no where near the bathroom. I shut the stupid thing off, guided him to the bathroom, cleaned up his mess-b/c again he was still pretty much asleep-and put him back to bed(without the alarm). It was clear to me his body was no where near being ready to pt at night. I told his parents what happened and how I felt about it when they asked how everything went. Shortly after they stopped using it.

Im sure they work for some kids or they probably wouldnt be around anymore but some kids just need time.

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